During the school year, students have an opportunity to earn several different rewards, and the rewards are distributed during special assemblies that celebrate the hard work and success of each student. At the end of the school year, every participating student receives a check card, and the value on the card corresponds to the student’s performance on academics, behavior and effort, and attendance throughout the year, up to $100.

Throughout the school, in every classroom and hallway, students and teachers see and refer to the expectations for good behavior and strong effort. The expectations are clearly stated, concrete, and designed to help students learn the skills necessary to be successful in school and beyond. Each week, teachers use these expectations to decide whether each student earns a sticker for Behavior and Effort. When a student earns 8 stickers she receives the first reward, usually a small prize to boost motivation toward a larger award at 19 stickers, which comes at the end of a marking period.

In addition to stickers earned in homeroom classes, students can earn Most Valuable Participant (MVP) stickers during specials classes, such as PE, Music, Art, and Technology. MVP stickers are awarded to the student in each class who most embodies the expectations, and specials teachers encourage classes to work toward the award.

At the end of each marking period, teachers lead students in updating their Win/Win Bank Accounts with grades in Math, English/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, stickers earned for Behavior and Effort, and attendance info, which convert to dollar amounts. Between weekly updates on stickers earned and quarterly updates of money earned, students can track – and therefore take ownership of – their progress in each of the crucial areas of school success.

The Win/Win Program’s core components are:

Personalized Messages

Goal Setting and Self-Reflection

Financial Incentives and Positive Recognition