To begin each school year, students receive a Reflection Journal to use throughout the year. Each week, homeroom teachers make time for students to use the journal for goal setting and self-reflection. Over time, students get into the habit of tracking their progress according to an easily-understood rubric, comparing their current performance to desired outcomes, and developing strategies to more closely align current performance with desired outcome.

The four sections of the Reflection Journal correspond to a set of activities designed to reinforce the goals of the Win/Win Program.

Expectations and Examples
To correspond with the posters visible throughout the school, students are provided the exact same expectations for behavior and effort, along with a number of concrete examples of what that expectation looks like in practice. Additionally, students are given phrases to further illustrate the concepts, and to help them learn school and work-appropriate language.

Weekly Behavior and Effort Tracker
Each week, teachers lead students in updating the classroom sticker tracker with all stickers earned for the week. This includes a discussion on behaviors that worked toward stickers or away from them, and recognition of students who have made improvement. After the discussion, each student adds her progress to the growing bar graph she draws on her personal sticker tracker, noting how much she has earned thus far, and how close she is to each prize level.  As Win/Win plans to add an app available to all students, this piece will be available online.

Quarterly Bank Account Tracker
In addition to tracking behavior and effort each week, students track the amount of money they earn each marking period, which will be paid at the end of the school year, in the form of a check card. At the end of each marking period, students make three deposits into their Win/Win bank account, covering the following areas:

• Academics – students earn money for grades in Math, English/Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies
• Behavior/Effort – stickers earned translate to a certain dollar amount
• Attendance – the closer a student is to perfect attendance, the more money deposited into the account

The new Win/Win app will allow students to update and analyze their own data.  This technological update allows students and teachers to access individualized accounts that display their Win/Win totals in real time.

Reflection Guide
Each week, after stickers are earned and progress tracked, students use the reflection guide to think deeply about their performance toward goals they have set, both short and long term, about the consequences of their decisions and actions, and about revisions they make to their plans in order to achieve their goals. Teachers use the prompts in the guide to help students learn how to take ownership, and get more out, of their educational experience.

This year the journal students receive has been updated and upgraded for students.  The new smaller journal is meant to be a special piece of the school journey, allowing students to further their goal setting and resilience skills.

The Win/Win Program’s core components are:

Personalized Messages

Goal Setting and Self-Reflection

Financial Incentives and Positive Recognition