Professional development is a key component of the Win/Win Program, and is addressed in multiple ways: school-wide and program-wide PD sessions, small group PD sessions, and teacher resource guides.

School-wide and Program-wide PD Sessions
Throughout the school year, guest lecturers lead professional development sessions geared toward shaping teacher perspectives about their role in facilitating student growth. These sessions explore core values of the Win/Win Program and philosophy, and lay the foundation for all future sessions.  As Win/Win grows, these sessions will be available to teachers online in an interactive format.

Small Group PD Sessions
Site coordinators and sometimes Win/Win personnel check in with teachers about implementation progress and obstacles, and develop strategies for both. Teachers are also encouraged to explore ways to better incorporate the program into their particular school culture. This time is also spent improving message quality, discussing difficult students, and developing team supports.

Teacher Resource Guides
Several program-specific materials have been developed for use in Win/Win classrooms and professional development sessions. These include:

  • Positive communication guide for writing effective message – strategies and phrases to use in messages to students to maximize effect on relationship and learning
  • Weekly meeting topic guide – questions, activities, and strategies for use during weekly meetings to improve implementation, classroom management, and teacher effectiveness
  • Teacher and Site coordinator created materials – Throughout the years Win/Win participants have invested time to mold the program to fit their needs by creating documents and student activities

The Win/Win Program’s core components are:

Personalized Messages

Goal Setting and Self-Reflection

Financial Incentives and Positive Recognition

Professional Development