Our Foundation

The Save A Mind Foundation was founded in 2008 by Christina and Lance Funston with the intent to increase the high school graduation rate in the United States.

Lance recalled his youth as a high school student, he recognized the value of the encouragement he received from his uncle, which subsequently led to his college attendance and success. As a successful entrepreneur, he understood that by positively supporting the achievement of young minority students, there would be a positive benefit to the economic well-being of our nation.

In order to explore the very best options for engagement by SAM, in 2009 Lance invited award-winning educator Dr. Judy Lechner Brody, Ed.D to form a research team that included doctoral students Gabriel Kuriloff and Christopher Steinmeier at Penn Graduate School of Education. Since 2009, extensive research has been conducted on the gap of academic achievement, the factors that enhance minority student success, and the numerous reform strategies being implemented.