We have three new schools in the Win/Win program, W.D. Kelly and Laura Waring in Philadelphia and Hedgepeth-Williams in Trenton.

We have a brand new website as well.  SAM has worked hard to make saveamind.org more meaningful and informative to the general public and prospective donors as well as a source of valuable materials for teachers in the Win/Win program and the education community at large.

If you need a reminder of exactly what the Win/Win program works, take a look at few of our past news posts http://saveamind.org/the-ultimate-guide-to-winwin-part-1-messages/http://saveamind.org/the-ultimate-guide-to-winwin-part-2-incentives/, and http://saveamind.org/the-ultimate-guide-to-winwin-part-3/ .

SAM is looking forward to what is next.  More schools, more students reached, more lives changed.  As always, our goal is to bring up the high school graduation rate, we are doing our best and want to show you exactly what we are up to.  We hope to bring you more stories from Win/Win students, teachers and administrators.  We want you to see what we see at our Win/Win schools!