Win/Win Feedback

We are excited to share with you that the feedback from the returning principals (highest result possible):

  • Satisfaction with Win/Win: 100%
  • See Win/Win as a very high quality program: 100%
  • Words used to describe Win/Win: High quality program, useful program and unique.
  • Personal note: I think it is a great program that truly benefits our school community.

From Teachers and Administrators

  • “School has more meaning to each student. They understand that there is value to how they try and how they act.”
  • “Students are frequently reminded that effort and behavior will be rewarded…I believe it makes them more conscientious of their actions and behavior in the class-especially as they are tallying what they are earning and goals they have for themselves.”
  • “Students love Win/Win. They write about their week and how to improve their behavior.”
  • “”At the beginning of the quarter, not many students were earning stickers, but now, most of my class is earning them each week. I can really see the program working.”
  • “One student made a comment, “You really think that about me?”, when I gave her the message for that week.  It changed her attitude towards learning positively in my class.”
  • “During the last two weeks of school, the children literally could not talk about anything else except for their Win/Win Cards.”

From Students

  • “It inspires me to give the best of myself at school all the time.”
  • “The more you work, the better you get.”
  • “The program helped me to stay focused and improve my grades. I chose to stop arguing with my friends and do more work. I earned points and money for doing the right thing.”
  • “It inspired me to work hard every day and do my best. I felt honored by the card. It gave me a big experience in working hard no matter what.”
  • “It made me feel special, like every kid should.”