The Ultimate Guide to Win/Win Part III: The Other Good Things

So we went over the messages and incentives, but there are still other pieces to Win/Win, the primary being the why we do this in the first place. It would be very limiting to say that we are just a motivational program. We do attempt to motivate students to get better grades and improve their behavior, but we go beyond that, we are teaching students skills that they can use for a successful future.

Take for example the reflection journals, these allow students to track their progress in the Win/Win program, but it also allows them to take a look at themselves. Answer this question from our Reflection Guide yourself: Describe 2 strengths you have shown this month. Describe how that makes you feel.

Well that can tell tons about ourselves as adults, but when guided as middle school student to answer that question, it can make a world of difference. Imagine getting a chance to slow down and really think about what our strengths are, figuring out what we do well, not forever, but over the last month. As a middle school student it is essential to see the positive pieces of yourself and explain how they make you feel. If they can identify their strengths and how good that makes them feel, they can take this with them for the rest of their life.

The reflection journal is set up with many of these questions. In high schoolIMG_1558, college and the real world beyond middle school, Win/Win students can reflect. They can take a minute we all need to fully understand our place in the world.

Now this may all be taking things a bit far, but the thought is, the more students are exposed to reflection, the more they will use this technique in the future.

The Win/Win program is here to do good things.

In our next blog, we will add a few of the reflections you can try. They are helpful for adults as well.