So Win/Win Wednesday is here! What we want to do is celebrate all of those in the SAM and Win/Win family. There are so many faces from donors to student that we want you to know. We also want to recognize those that live the spirit of Win/Win, giving full effort even when things get tough.  These folks will get an MVP, the same we give to students when they exemplify Win/Win values.


Now we must give credit to the name Win/Win Wednesday to one of our fabulous teachers, Ms. Wooten at Kilmer in Trenton. Her classroom celebrations focused around Win/Win are what the program comes down to, giving our students true support, letting them know that someone really cares! Thanks Ms. Wooten, we will have to take a trip to your classroom soon!


Check our Twitter (#winwin) and Facebook Pages every week for a new MVP every week. We will try to give you their stories as well in our blog.


The other part of this is to promote SAM and earn some donations.  We know there are so many worthy causes out there, we hope we can show you why to choose SAM.


Long live Win/Win Wednesday!