This year has brought us a few new members to the Win/Win family. One of those individuals is Leyone Royster, our new site coordinator at Kilmer Middle School in Trenton. Throughout the year we hope to introduce you to many of our Win/Win teachers, administrators and students, new and returning. They are what really makes this program work and at SAM on this Thanksgiving week, we give a huge thanks to everyone in the Win/Win program, from donors to the super helpful secretaries at all of our schools. Thank you.


Now here is a little more about Leyone, welcome to the Win/Win team!



Tell us a bit about your career in education.

‪My name is Leyone Royster and I have been an educator for several years. My experience spans from working at the college level and grades PreK-12 as a teacher/ ESL Specialist, and Climate and Culture Leader.

‪What are your initial thoughts about the Win/Win program?

I did not have much experience with a school-wide positive behavior approach system only at the classroom level. However,  from the beginning I honestly thought the Win/Win was a great system to encourage middle level students to be motivated and do well socially and academically.  As a result, I think Win/Win serves an important role as a school-wide approach to promote positive behavior and effort for the social and academic achievement of students.

‪Please give any positive stories about Win/Win you may have from either teachers, students or parents.

Being that the Win/Win program was new to me as the site coordinator, I wanted to challenge myself to kick off the use of the message cards for the new school year.  I had a 6th grade student who had some challenges with completing classroom tasks so I challenge the student to complete homework because I wanted him to do well in school and as a result earn Win/Win points.  The student returned the following day with a completed homework assignment and he earned his first Win/Win card of the school year and it was a great feeling for the student and I since the program was new to both of us.